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Senior News

Updated Information

Senior Check-Out: June 1 and 2

Cafeteria 12:00-3:30

You can complete the following prior to or during the checkout times above, and must turn in a completed form to pick up your cap/gown/tassel order and participate in graduation. Forms can be picked up in the Main Office, Student Service Center and Room 72 starting now.

  • Return all textbooks: Go with your classes (or on your own) to return your textbooks to the book room. Books cannot be returned anywhere besides the book room. Get a signature from Ms. Grimm (our textbook clerk) when all of your books have been returned.
  • Clear all fines: You should be notified of any fines you have, and you can also check with Mrs. McKean-Saul (our banker). Get her signature to show that you have no fines or that you have cleared them all. She is available in room 72 after 1:30 every day, and will also be in the Student Store during senior checkout. Cash and cards only; no checks will be accepted.
  • Clean out lockers and return locks: Clean everything out of your lockers and return your locks to either office. The secretary in the office who takes the lock can sign the checkout form (for those who turn them in prior to June 1 and 2). On the checkout days you can turn the locks in and get a signature there. Trash cans will be out and available on May 31 during tutorial if you'd like to use that time to clean out your locker. Please go to the Student Service center ASAP if you do not remember your lock combination.
  • Complete the Exit Survey: Click here for the Senior Exit Survey. Complete the survey and get a signature from Ms. Goricanec (our College and Career Tech) showing that it's been submitted. She is available in the College and Career Center, and will also be in the cafeteria during senior checkout.
  • Pick up Medications from the Health Office prior to the last day of school: Come and get your Epi-Pens, inhalers and/or pain relievers any time. Any other medications may only be picked up by your parent/guardian, even if you are 18.


Graduation Rehearsal: June 7

Seniors arrive to the stadium by 8:30; we hope to finish by noon. Attendance is mandatory.

We will determine line order, practice entering and exiting the stadium, do sound checks, and practice reading names. Be prepared for long periods of sitting and waiting, combined with listening for very important information. Wear sunscreen and/or hats because we will be outdoors the entire time. It's important that we get this right so that your graduation can be flawless!

Graduation: June 8

Seniors arrive to the gym by 4:00. Doors open at 4:00 for spectators. Ceremony begins at 5:00.

We will line up seniors in the gym to prepare to walk in, and do cap checks and gown checks as you walk out. We will have golf carts available near the ticket booth to help elderly and disabled guests up to the top of the bleachers.


Graduation Night: June 8

Seniors who have tickets to grad night, meet at Leigh at 9:30. We will be back on June 9 at 4:30 am.

Dress comfortably for a fun final celebration with your fellow graduates!

Senior Transcript Request
If you need an official, personal, hard copy for yourself please see Ms. Goricanec in the College and Career Center