Leigh High School

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District Music Festival

Annual Blood Drive!

Girls Varsity Soccer league champs!


Yearbook Reveal & Signing Party May 26!!

Come to the 2017 Vintage theme reveal and signing party, right after school on Friday, May 26th 2:20 to 3:30. Entrance is free!

What will be happening?

  • Get your yearbook (or signing pages if your yearbook is coming in later)
  • Pizza and drinks will be sold for $1 each
  • Chance to listen to music, sign yearbooks with your friends, and celebrate the coming of summer!


Yearbook is SOLD OUT!

Due to an unanticipated spike in orders, some books that were already purchased will not arrive until after school is out for the year

FAQ about book availability:

  • Seniors who bought their book before May 5 are guaranteed to get their book before the end of the year.
  • Students who purchased after August 11th, and a small sample of students who purchased them before that, will not receive their books until after the end of the year. If this affects you, you will receive a message with more information and a way to request a refund of $35 of your purchase.
  • If books run out and you’ve already purchased a book, you will be given a “signing insert.” Your friends can sign this and then when you get your yearbook, it seamlessly inserts into the back of the book.


Did I buy a book this year?

This is a list of all students who have bought a yearbook for this year.

What if I didn’t buy an ASB package or a yearbook this year??

If you haven't yet bought one, there are no more books available. We sold out on 5/25/17 at lunch.