Spanish 2 Supplement Activities


Pre-Spanish 2: Students should know the following:


Butterfly Spanish(You Tube)

Personal Pronouns




#s 1-99

Verbs ending in

-ar hablar

-er comer

-ir escribir

How to use the present tense in 8 ways

Learning the Verb “Dar”


Fluency Profesor(You Tube)

#s 0-1000

Telling Time

Difference between “Bien” and “Bueno”

Prepositions of Place

Greeting & Introductions

100 most common words

The Future:Ir+a+Infintive


Post-Spanish 2 stem-changing verbs

ESPN Deportes

BBC Español Noticias Internacionales


Butterfly Spanish(You Tube)

Reflexive Verbs

Preterite vs. Imperfecto

Lingo Master

Spanish Short Stories for Beginners