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Coronavirus Info: Updates, Announcements, Activities, & Student Learning

Hello Mighty Longhorn Students and Parents:

We know you have been bombarded by emails, updates, and information, so we are hoping we can provide important information in one place. We will continue to add to this as we gather more information and resources. We thank all of you for being such an amazing community.

What we don’t have answers for:

  • How long we will be closed: This will be something fluid until it’s not. There is much conjecture about how long schools will be closed. If we get word that it will be longer than the current time (May 1st), the district will notify us immediately.
  • CAASPP/SBAC:The State Superintendent has cancelled state testing.
  • SAT/ACT: June has not been cancelled yet.
  • Sports: CIF is taking a “wait and see” approach at this time.
  • Senior Awards: We will reschedule to a later date if that is necessary.
  • Graduation: It is too early to tell. 
  • AP Testing: Another update is expected by April 3. Please read their update; schools currently do not have any more detailed information than is provided in the 3/20 update from the College Board.

Things being or will be offered:

    • Videos on “How To” be an adult, college and career readiness and information: We are working with parents to help us put together some “Adulting” learning opportunities around cooking, sewing, finances, mindfulness, and college/career readiness.
    • Resources for mental health support: We will be sharing/sending/posting ways to take care of yourself and build good habits for coping with stress/anxiety during any time that is challenging. Here’s a short article with suggestions. If you find yourself struggling emotionally, please reach out to your parents, your counselor or your AP. We have access to our CASSY and Uplift counselors and we can connect you to them.

Things not to worry about:

  • Getting a diploma: If you are a senior passing your classes and are on track with your credits, you will get a diploma. We will not have a class of seniors who leave high school without a diploma. 
  • Colleges rescinding acceptances: Colleges are very aware of what is happening around the world and as long as you work to maintain your academic standing based on whatever we are offering as far as your academic learning, your college acceptance will be fine.

Things to focus on:

  • Having “no screen” time during the day: You have got to step away from your screens for at least a few hours in your day. Take a walk, bike ride or hike, read a book, listen to music, cook, meditate...whatever shifts your brain and your eyes from staring at a screen. (Yes, I realize the irony of staring at my screen while I type this.)
  • Exercising: You need endorphins to help elevate your mood and to stay healthy. Exercise helps your body stay healthy and fight off illness. 
  • Maintaining social distancing: While doing all of these activities, be sure to practice social distancing. We all have to work together and do our part in slowing the spread of COVID-19

Updates and Clarifications:

  • How to behave on a Google Meet/Zoom: Google Meet and Zoom are forums where multiple people will be communicating. There are expected behaviors and rules to make the time safe and productive.
    • Chat is not used for student conversations and any inappropriate language or comments which will be followed with removal from the Meet and a referral sent to APs
    • Keep your microphone on mute unless you are speaking
    • Use the Chat to the side for attendance and to ask questions of the teacher
    • Focus your questions on schoolwork 
    • Be respectful of airtime to give everyone an opportunity to speak and get help