Work Permits

To obtain a work permit application please reach out to Liza Agustin or the application form may be downloaded from the California State Department of Education Website click  here .
1. Fill out the personal information at the top of the application, have a parent or guardian sign the middle portion, and have your prospective employer fill out the required information at the bottom portion of the application.
2. Email the completed form to Ms. Agustin by either taking a clear picture or scanning the form. 
3. Work permit processing will take 24-48 hours. Ms. Agustin will email you a link to electronically sign and date your work permit. 
4. After signing and dating you will submit the form back to Ms. Agustin to sign and complete.
5. Ms. Agustin will send you an email with your completed work permit to print or download and submit to your employer.
Please note that if you need to renew an existing work permit and if you are with the same employer, you do not need to fill out another work permit application. Send Ms. Agustin an email asking to renew your work permit and steps 2-5 will be followed.