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This Fall's Musical: Like You Like It

Spirit Pole Decorating during the Back to School Rally!

Senior's Decorate the Campus in all Black

Girls Varsity Soccer league champs!

Work Experience

Work Experience Education (WEE) is a course open to seniors (or on occasion juniors who are 16 or older) who have a job or wish to pursue an internship while receiving high school credit. WEE introduces students to the aspects, functions, and laws concerning employees in the workplace while focusing heavily on the "soft skills" that ALL workers need to succeed at work and in society.


Career Technical Work Experience Education (CTWEE): CTWEE enables students to develop and refine occupational competencies necessary to acquire paid employment or non-paid placements, to adapt to the employment environment, and to advance in an occupation. CTWEE provides the opportunity to reinforce and extend career technical learning opportunities for students through a combination of related classroom instruction in WEE and supervised employment in the occupation for which their CTE course in school prepares them. Students enrolled in CTWEE must have a job or worksite placement that is related their enrolled sequence of CTEcourses. (10 semester credits allowable each semester with a maximum of 40 semester credits throughout their entire high school period)


Exploratory Work Experience Education (EWEE): EWEE provides career guidance through non-paid observations and experiences at selected worksites. EWEE is an instructional course, where students have the opportunity to observe and sample a variety of conditions of work for ascertaining their interest and suitability for the occupations they are exploring, while including related classroom instruction in WEE. EWEE provides an opportunity for a broad spectrum of students to explore career paths with the goal of clarifying career directions. (10 semester credits allowable for each semester with a maximum of 20 semester credits)


General Work Experience Education (GWEE): GWEE enable students to become productive, responsible individuals through supervised, paid employment experiences. GWEE is an instructional course, where students will acquire general and specific occupational and employability skills through a combination of supervised paid employment in any occupational field along with classroom related instruction in WEE. The rationale for having GWEE is the changing nature of work in our society, which requires students to develop appropriate work habits and attitudes that may be transferred to a variety of employment situations. (10 semester credits allowable each semester with a maximum of 40 semester credits throughout their entire high school period)