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World Languages » Mandarin/Chinese IV Honors

Mandarin/Chinese IV Honors

Mandarin/Chinese 4 Honors is designed to enable the students to participate extensively in the life of the Chinese society. The students should be able to manipulate most social situations and casual conversations regarding current events. They will be able to discuss, compare and contrast, support or persuade an opinion in the various topics. Grammar and writing skills will be reviewed and refined in the context of cultural studies, which will include the study of Chinese literature, art, music and customs. They will demonstrate understanding of the main idea and details of authentic texts. They are able to use extended paragraphs to produce formal communications related to the external environment. This intensive honors course at level 4 is conducted in Mandarin and students are expected to use only Mandarin in class. The course covers approximately 1200 Chinese characters and associated phrases. Students who enroll in this course can prepare to take the SAT Chinese exam. Prerequisite: Mandarin 3 or equivalent.
Course # 14490
Course Term: Yearlong
Grade Levels: 10-12
Graduation Credit: World Language