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Four students working in a group
Teachers in Pac-Man costumes
Leigh's Senior class in their spirit color green
Leigh's baseball team
Leigh's Sophomore's dressed in their spirit color yellow
Leigh's football and cheerleading teams
Leigh's Fall Musical, As You Like It
Leigh's Freshman in their spirit color White for Homecoming
Leigh's Engineering class building robots
Leigh's band performing in the Quad
Leigh's mascot using a computer in the Library
Leigh's Girls soccer team
photos of leigh high school students


Covid-19 Update for Swim & Dive on Monday 5/4.


As was mentioned in last week's update to the entire athletic program, I wanted to follow up with each spring sport specifically today after speaking with your Head Coach over the weekend.  One part of that conversation was how do they want to close out your season and recognize your seniors.  That conversation is ongoing, and you may be hearing from your coach about your thoughts on those topics.  Once again those things may change in the coming weeks as restrictions get loosened.

You do need to turn in your parka and school issued bag, and pick up anything the Athletic Department might have for your team.  This can be done any Monday through Friday, between 1:00 - 3:00 at the Parking Lot entrance to the cafeteria.  

Finally an FYI for underclassmen regarding Sports PE.  At the time Spring Sports were suspended all rosters were final, so if you area sophomore you should have been enrolled into a 7th period PE class with Ms. Andrade for this time of distance learning to receive your credit for Sports PE for this year.  Please contact the Athletic Director if you have any questions.

If you are a freshmen you should be receiving a message from either the district, school, or your counselor regarding Sports PE for next year.  I have seen several drafts so I am not sure what the final version will be, but due to budget cuts for next year it looks like they will not be offering Sports PE.  So as not to throw your schedules into disarray they will be offering you the option to defer PE to your Junior or Senior year.  Or you can choose to change your schedule for next year and enroll in a regular PE course.  What is not known at this time is that if you choose to defer to your Junior or Senior year, is if there will be Sports PE at that time.  If the district budget cuts are still in place, your only choice at that time may be to enroll in a regular PE class as part of your Junior or Senior year schedule.  If you have questions please email the Athletic Director.


You will need to register at AthleticClearance.com for any sports that you are interested in participating in next year.  Please make sure that you are in 2020 - 2021 year when you are registering.
If you are interested in a specific sport please email the Athletic Director, and he will invite you through TeamSnap to join the sport(s) that you are interested in.  You will then receive updates and announcements through TeamSnap for the teams that you are signed up with.  Updates and announcements can also be found on this website on each team's page. 
Neff has updated the Leigh High School Letterman Jacket.  You can click the link below and look at the new Leigh Letterman Jacket.  The basic model starts at $115 and comes in three different color options for the sleeves as well as your choice of either leather or vinyl for the sleeves.  If you wish to add additional items to your Letterman Jacket beyond what the basic cost includes, the cost of your jacket will increase.  If you would like to order a different style of Letterman Jacket please contact the Athletic Department.  Leigh does not receive any money from Letterman Jacket sales, but Neff does keep the costs as low as possible for Leigh students.  If you go anywhere else you could pay twice as much for a Leigh Letterman Jacket.
Schedule subject to change once the our new pool is cleared by the League to be used for competition.
                      2020 Dive Schedule
Wed 3/4 @ Santa Teresa @ 3:00
Thu 3/12 @ Evergreen @ 3:00
Thu 3/19 @ Willow Glen @ 3:00
Wed 3/25 @ Leland @ 3:00
Tue 3/31 @ Pioneer @ 3:00
Tue 4/21 @ League Finals @ Santa Teresa @ TBA
Head Dive Coach: Kim Bartel
Coach's contact: Email the Athletic Director at jshaughnessy@cuhsd.org to be added to TeamSnap for Diving.
Head Dive Coach: Kim Bartel
Coach's contact:
Email the Athletic Director at jshaughnessy@cuhsd.org to be added to TeamSnap for Diving.