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Guidance » UC/CSU A-G and CUHSD Graduation Requirements

UC/CSU A-G and CUHSD Graduation Requirements

UC/CSU A-G Requirements

University of California / California State University

 Subject Area  Number of Years
 English  Four Years
 History/Social Science  Two Years
 Mathematics  Three Years
 Lab Science  Two Years
 World Language  Two Years
 Visual and Performing Arts  One Year
 College Prep Elective  One Year
 Total  15 Year-Long Courses
 Minimum Requirements: Grades of "C" or Better
The LHS College and Career Center (Room 28) provides resources for students and parents in their explorations of post-high school opportunities. We are staffed by parent volunteers and are open every day at tutorial and lunch.

CUHSD Graduation Requirements

Credits Required 
Number of Years 
 English   40 Credits Four Years
 Social Science 
 30 Credits Three Years
 Mathematics  20 Credits Two Years
 Science  20 Credits Two Years
 Physical Education   20 Credits Two Years
 Fine Art*  10 Credits One Year
 Applied Art*  10 Credits One Year
 World Language*  10 Credits One Year
 General Elective  60 Credits Varies
 Total Required  220 Credits for Graduation
 * 30 units using two categories
 1 Semester = 5 credits / 1 Year = 10 credits
 Additional requirements: Passage of California High School Exit Exam (English and Math portions)