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Free mock ACT and SAT tests
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Free AP Exams, SAT & ACT Resources

Khan academy (always free):  


College Board (Free SAT practice tests): 



1 month Free classes (read the fine print before singing up! Leigh is not taking responsibility for future charges):

Free, personalized online learning tool and test practices featuring video lessons, interactive questions, full-length practice tests, educational games, and other materials targeted to students’ academic needs.

Downloadable guide to help students understand match, fit, and cost when researching colleges and identifying to which colleges they want to apply.

ACT Voice-Based Assistant (Beta Version)

Amazon Alexa skill providing an ACT assistant that guides users through the ACT registration process, including finding test dates and locations. Users can set up the skill for test-taking tips and set reminders for test dates and registration deadlines.

More Student and Parent Resources



FOR PAY AP Exams, SAT & ACT Resources (we do not particularly endorse any of these providers, the links below are a collection of local resources the community has shared with us)