Mrs. Izor's Profile

I have been teaching math here at Leigh since 2005. I have taught all classes from Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Pre-Calculus, and now the IM1-IM4 classes. Before integrated math started, I helped to create and run an Algebra Recovery program to help students be more successful in Algebra 1. More recently I have been involved in rolling out the common core math standards, and helped pilot books. Currently, I teach IM3, IM3 STEM and IM4 Pre-Calculus.
I started college at West Valley, and then transferred to UCSB, earning a math degree, and then my teacher's credential. After college I returned to the Bay Area and was hired here at Leigh, which thrilled me because my own father had attended here for two years of high school when he was a boy. I love it here, and feel like I am truly part of the Fam-i-Leigh.
I have two children, a second grader and a kindergartener. For my students, as well as my own kids, I hope to instill in them the joy of learning, the beauty of math, and the idea that struggle in math is a good thing and means that one is learning. If you don't struggle at all then you knew everything already.