Clubs & Organizations

Leigh has a strong and vibrant club culture. Check out our Club Directory to see our clubs for this year. There is likely a club for every student to engage with. If a student doesn't see a club of interest, they can start one! 
If you have questions, please contact our Activities Director, Ms. Marcuccillo, at [email protected]. Stay up to date with the amazing work our clubs are doing: follow us on IG @famleignd, on Facebook @leighhighschool, and on Twitter @leighhighschool.
If you would like to donate to a particular club to support their numerous efforts, you may do so by visiting our webstore.
Fundraisers at Leigh:
  • Clubs as a whole should be discussing and approving fundraiser events, and record that approval in the minutes
  • All events must be properly chaperoned and supervised, to ensure student safety and compliance.
  • All events other than regularly scheduled club meetings  must be pre approved by the activities director by submitting the event/fundraiser request form above
  • If an event elicits funds in ANY WAY, it is considered a fundraiser, whether or not a profit will be made. All appropriate cash controls must be followed.
  • Failure of a student to fundraise or donate cannot affect their ability to participate. Either the whole group enjoys the benefit, or none do.
  • If fundraising for a charity:
    • The fundraiser request and all advertising must make clear what specific charity is being supported. 
    • The entire profit collected, to the penny, must be donated to the charity. This number cannot be rounded up nor down.
  • A student member of the club must fill out the Fundraiser Request Form at least two weeks in advance
  • This student needs to check their email to see if there are needed corrections or if the fundraiser request gets approved. The fundraiser may not be held unless the form is approved before the event.
  • If requesting a cash box, coordinate with the bookkeeper by emailing [email protected]
  • Once the fundraiser is over, fill out a deposit slip and turn in your money to the bookkeeper the same day money is collected if possible (if a weekend, give the money to your advisor or the adult overseeing your fundraiser).