Leigh students may choose from a wide variety of core academic courses and elective courses during their four years at Leigh. Find out more about what we offer by clicking on the subject areas listed on the right.
Graduation Requirements and UC/CSU "A-G" Requirements
Students must earn 220 credits in a variety of courses to graduate with a Leigh diploma. Our graduation requirements meet or exceed the minimum admission requirements for UC/CSU schools, commonly known as the A-G requirements. The letters A through G refer to discipline areas indicated below.


CUHSD Graduation Requirements (credits) - Grade of D or better required

UC/CSU Requirements - Grade of C or better required

A: History/Social Science

2 years (20)

2 years

B: English

4 years (40)

4 years

C: Mathematics

3 years (30)

3 years

D: Science

Biology and Physics

Class of 2020: 2 years (20)

Class of 2021: 3 years (30)

2 years

E: Language Other Than English (LOTE)

2 years (20)

2 years of same language

F: Visual & Performing Arts (VAPA)

1 year (10)

1 year

G: College Prep Electives

1 year (10)

1 year


1 semester (5)



1 semester (5)


Physical Education (PE)/Military Science

2 years (20)


Career Technical Education (CTE)

10 credits unless 20 or more VAPA credits have been earned


General Electives

Class of 2020: 30 credits

Class of 2021: 20 credits


Total Credits Needed for Diploma

220 credits