Intervention Tutorial
Intervention Tutorial starts at the 6-week grading period and is a way to provide support to students with D’s and F’s. Each day of the week a specific subject is open only to students who had a D or F on their report card. Students not in this category will go to any other subject on their schedule except for the one that is closed. The schedule is below and is posted in every classroom and around campus for student reference.

Students required to attend Intervention Tutorial will receive a notification email. Parents/Guardians will be included on the message as well.
Homework Center

Calling all students who are looking for help with studying and completing homework assignments! Teacher supervisors and Leigh's National Honor Society (NHS) tutors are available Monday-Thursday to help. The homework center is available during 7th period (2:30-3:25PM)  Monday through Thursday except Collaboration and Minimum days. Also there are plans to have half hour sessions after 7th period for most of the Homework Center days.