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Leigh High School Optimistic About WASC Accreditation

Leigh High School Principal Kara Butler and English teacher Meredith Moseley, the school's WASC coordinator, presented during Campbell Union High School's January 19th school board meeting. They provided updates on the school's progress towards their goals and expressed confidence in all they have accomplished in a short period of time.

Kara shared some of the positive feedback they received from the WASC Chairperson, Mark Campbell, who has been receiving regular updates. His feedback has confirmed Leigh is on the right track with their work.

Meredith added that she anticipates Leigh will be taken off probation after the WASC evaluation team's March visit. After having been part of the last two visits, she is confident the team will see the progress Leigh has made.
Leigh High School's update on the school's WASC accreditation status starts at the 1:12 mark in the video below.