Spring Novels and Textbook Pick Up



On January 6th, we will be distributing spring novels and second semester Government/Econ textbooks. Please see the scheduling details and instructions below.


Bring a Student ID card, previous year’s cards will work too.


If you are picking up a novel, you must place a paper with your student ID number and your English teacher's last name in the passenger side window. 


If you are picking up a Government or Economics textbooks, you must place a paper with your student ID number and your grade level in the passenger side window. 


Due to the different number of novels being checked out, we will not be able to accommodate different grade levels coming through during the other grade level times. (ie A Freshman coming through at 10:00am.) We are able to accommodate different times within the window that your grade level is assigned. 


Cars will enter through the last parking lot gate and wind around the sidewalk to the area in front of the cafeteria. Walkers and bikers can enter through the pedestrian gate near the Cafeteria but must maintain the six feet social distancing. Everyone in or outside of a car must be wearing a mask. 


This process will take a bit more time than drop off due to having to scan the books and ID cards for check out. This makes following the above directions very important to the flow of our process.


If you are unable to pick up tomorrow, there will be a makeup day on Jan 13th or you may have a friend pick up a book for you HOWEVER, you will be responsible for and billed for any books checked out to you that are not returned. 


PLEASE NOTE: Not all English teachers are distributing novels in January. See the names of the teachers listed below. If your English teacher is NOT on the below list, you do NOT pick up a novel at this time.



Juniors and Seniors


 9:30-10:00    A thru F

10:00-10:30   G thru L

10:30-11:00   M thru R

11:00-11:30   S thru Z


Freshman and Sophomores


1:30-2:00     A thru E

2:00-2:30     F thru J

2:30-3:00     K thru O

3:00-3:30     P thru T

3:30-4:00     U thru Z and anyone who missed their earlier time slot.


English Teachers Distributing Novels in January


Ms Leah-Martin

Ms Rossi

Ms Grohs

Ms Webb

Mr Radamacher

Mr Gill

Ms Ullrey

Ms Wallace

Mr Castillo

Ms Nakamura