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Weekly Bulletin 12/15

Leigh Bulletin



AP Selection: It is with great pleasure that I announce Crystal Adams as our new Assistant Principal. Crystal comes with years of teaching, instructional Coaching and most recently, Activities Director experience. I have every confidence that she will transition seamlessly into this role as she begins immediately. The Activities Director position will be posted tomorrow and Crystal will provide support until that hire has been finalized. Please join me in welcoming her to this new position.


Finals Schedule and Morning SVCTE: Finals are December 20th-22nd. Below is the bell schedules for those three days. Additionally, if your student attends the morning SVCTE classes, they will miss their classes to attend their finals at Leigh. Students taking AM classes at SVCTE will not be able to attend their AM class on December 22nd due to overlapping with their 5th and 6th period final. Bus pick up for students taking PM classes will be 12:30 instead of 12:00 on December 20th due to the overlap with the timing of their period 1 and 2 finals. 


Final Days Schedule

Day 1: Period 1 & Period 2
Day 2: Period 4 & Period 3
Day 3: Period 5 & Period 6

 Each day is from 8:00am-12:15pm


Parent Nights: Save the Date- As we strive to increase communication and school-to-parent connections, we are adding a 9th-11th Parent Information Night on January 18th. We will cover course selection, courses and pathways, graduation requirements, and selection process for AP classes. A schedule will be forthcoming as each grade level will have their own presentation.



Keith Hawkings Returning: Despite his crazy schedule, we were able to secure a date for Keith to return and do a parent evening. He will be at Leigh High School on January 17th at 6:30pm. And Eventbrite invite will come out tomorrow or Monday as we will have limited seating aavailable.



Mock ACT and SAT Testing: The College and Career Center is pleased to provide students with on campus mock ACT and SAT testing on Saturday, January 20th.  

The tests are given in the exact same conditions as the real SAT and ACT tests. Registration is mandatory and a $20 donation to the LHS Home and School Club is suggested to fund need-based scholarships for students who want to attend the test preparation classes offered at LHS in the spring and fall.


High-level test results will be available within the week after the test, and full results can be obtained by signing-up for a free, no obligations, 45 minutes consultation with the private vendor administrating the test.  Details to be provided at registration. Minimal enrollment notice: we need to have a minimum of 3 students registered for each session, so please sign-up early and encourage your friends to do the same, as we will cancel any session which does not meet the minimal enrollment 48 hours ahead of time.

Please note that you can only take one of the two tests on that day.  We will offer more dates in the future as needed, feel free to email longhornsccc@gmail.com if you'd like to take both tests or need an alternate date. Register here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0a4aa4a929aaff2-january



PSAT Results Night & Live Online Webinar: PSAT results will be available for students online on CollegeBoard.org on December 12th. The College and Career Center has partnered with Catalyst, a private provider of SAT and ACT prep classes to offer PSAT info sessions for juniors and their parents shortly after students receive their scores.  The Catalyst expert will review the PSAT/SAT content, how to interpret score reports, the National Merit competition, and next steps.  There will be time for Q&A at the end of the presentation.  The event will take place on Tuesday, December 19th from 6:30pm to 7:30pm in the College and Career Center (room 28).  Please sign-up to attend here for planning purposes.

 Alternatively, they also offer a Live Online Webinar opportunity: You've taken the New PSAT - Now What? available for families on December 14th at 7pm PST. Catalyst's Founder & CEO, Jared Friedland, will be hosting. He will be reviewing score reports, content, and a game plan for 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students and their parents. Register Here!



Leigh’s Flags: I wanted to let everyone know that our flag pole is bare due to the theft of our flags. We are in the process of replacing them as well as adding a set of back up flags. If anyone has any information as to what may have happened, please contact the school.



Home & School Club November newsletter: Click here for an update on H&SC happenings! Stay connected and see how you can make a difference in our community. And more!



Sports Boosters November newsletter: Click here for an update on happenings in the sports community. Learn how to stay connected and how you can make an impact on our sports program here at Leigh. And more!



Announcing our Parent Ed Speaker Series: As we support our ongoing learning as parents and guides for our children, the Parent Ed committee (AnaMaria Guevara, Amy O'Hehir & Janae Pierre) has put together a series of talks on topics that are highly meaningful and relevant for raising teenagers in today's society. As parents ourselves, we know that we all have full schedules, and have closely vetted all presenters to ensure that these talks are worth your time. Mark your calendar and see you soon.



Surviving the High School Transition: Raising a Neurodiverse (ADHD, ASD, LD, mood disorders) Student & Preparing Them for Life After High School by Jan Johnston-Tyler.(Jan is the founder and CEO of EvoLibri, which serves youth ages 14 into adulthood and author of "The Mom's Guide to Asperger's Syndrome.")  The talk is an opportunity to gather information and resources on how to offer your student the help and support they need. Specifically, learn essentials for making the post high-school transition more smooth, and learn about programs and tools available to assist with workplace and college success. Reserve your seat now (FREE)



Teen Driving: What do you consider lethal? A talk for parents to attend with their teen driver by Impact Teen Drivers. Come learn about the importance of parents as the number one influencer of teen driving behavior, strategies for keeping your youth safe on the roads, current research and trends in teen driving, and how YOU can help stop the #1 killer of teens in American-reckless and distracted driving.



Teen Anxiety & Building Resilience by Lisa Macedo, LMFT from Palo Alto Teen Therapy Center and AnaMaria Guevara, LCSW from Thrive: Healing Center for Families & Children. It is estimated that at least 20% of all teens are currently suffering from anxiety in the United States. Making matters worse, anxiety and depression are often a package deal. This talk is an opportunity to learn more about what is anxiety and who gets it? Are some teens at higher risk? Who are they? And, most importantly, how can parents help?



Emotional Intelligence: More Important than GPA and SAT scores combined for your student's success by Lorea Martinez, PhD, SEL Consultant from Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network. Decades of research point to emotional intelligence as the critical factor that sets star performers apart from the pack. Come learn about what exactly is emotional intelligence? Can emotional intelligence be developed and taught? If it's so important, why isn't our school teaching it? And, what can parents do to help?



Why are "smart, good" students cheating? Presented by Jon Herzenberg, Psy.D, Associate Head of School/Acting Dean of Students, Drew School Cheating is a provocative topic without a doubt. We are all aware that cheating happens and perhaps it does not surprise us. But, when students in Advanced Placement and Honors classes resort to cheating to make the ever more elusive A, we may stop to ask what is at play? Is it the increasingly competitive college entrance experience, is it parent pressure and a symptom of cultural norms, or a result of the structure of the education system itself? And, what exactly are the short-term and long-term consequences of cheating?