Class of 2024

Junior Class Officers
Nolan Lee
Junior Class President
What's up longhorns! I'm Nolan Lee, our sophomore class president! This is my second year in leadership and I'm super excited to get back in person next year! Some random facts about me are that I HATE Kanye West with a burning passion. I love to sleep (especially during class) and I love being a part of leadership and getting to plan the events we all know and love! Can't wait to see you all next year!!
Halina Khodayari
Junior Class Vice-President
Hey beautiful people! I’m Halina Khodayari, your Sophomore Vice President. I am so hyped to get the year started and get to know you all a lot better. Some things about me are i’m obsessed with burritos, I STANNNN KANYE WEST, and enjoy planning these leadership events for you! Let’s show Leigh what the class of 2024 is made up of!

Naomi Chyu

Junior Class Secretary

Hi, longhorns! My name is Naomi Chyu and I am so excited to be this year’s junior class secretary and treasurer! As a member of Leigh's leadership class, I look forward to creating inclusive and engaging events for the student body! Some fun facts about me include: I aspire to become a radiologist, I love reading murder mystery books, and my dream vacation would be to go with my grandparents to Burma and Taiwan! I can’t wait to make new connections and lifelong memories with you all this coming school year! See you around!!! <3

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