Class of 2025

Sophomore Class Officers
Luca Battin
Sophomore Class President
Hi Longhorns! My name is Luca Battin and my plans for this year are to make it memorable and exciting so we can look back on our freshman year and remember the fun times we are going to have. The other officers and I have a lot of things planned so we can have the best year possible! A little bit about me is that I like art and enjoy traveling. I also love movies and can get hooked into shows super easily. The most important things to me are spending time with my family and friends. We have lots of fun events planned and I can't wait to make this year great!
Emily Lipscomb
Sophomore Class Vice-President
Hi Longhorns! My name is Emily Lipscomb and I am so ecstatic to be your sophomore Vice President! As sophomore VP I look forward to collaborating with the other class officers to plan and deliver all the events that will help make this school year one to remember. I also plan to communicate with all of you to get your insights on what you want to see happen at school. A little bit about me is that outside of leadership/school you can almost always find me in the pool swimming or playing waterpolo. I love hanging out with my friends, attempting to bake new treats and listening to music. I am so excited for this school year and I hope you are too! This is gonna be the best year yet!
Harley Chou
Sophomore Class Secretary and Treasurer
Hello, hello, and hello fellow buckaroos! I’m Harley Chou, and I am your sophomore class secretary and treasurer for the school year of 2022-2023. For this school year, it is my hope that everyone can work together to help sustain and improve this wonderful place we call high school! With the other officers, this goal will be no problem! I am sure we can do it efficiently, and with a lot of fun! I am a mango, guava, and tea enjoyer. Y’all be sure to have a wonderful day! (Also, Cheese)

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