Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment is an opportunity for current high school students to also take courses at a community college. All current high school students who wish to be concurrently enrolled at a community college need to get the high school permission form signed by their counselor before they are allowed to register for any course. Each community college has its own form and process for registering for classes so please make sure you read all instructions.
Go to the website of the community college where you would like to take a class. Check the Schedule of Classes. Find the class that you identified on (to ensure this class will transfer to the university you plan to attend). Look for days and times that would work with your schedule.
Note: If you are planning to take a community college course during the school year (concurrent enrollment), it must be after all of your classes at Leigh. Classes at the community college can not be used to substitute a class that is required for high school graduation, and any outside courses will not go on your high school transcript.
Important: Community colleges require anyone under 18 years of age to get a College Enrollment form signed in order to take a college course. The form is obtained directly from the community college and must be signed by your school counselor.
For any courses that you plan to take outside of Leigh, be sure to also submit the CUHSD Concurrent Enrollment Acknowledgement Form. Please download the form, complete it and submit it with the college enrollment form. Send the forms to your school counselor for approval.
Request for Credit through Concurrent Enrollment Form