Non-Departmental/Specialized Programs

Leigh provides additional opportunities outside of academic departments. Below are courses where students have the opportunity to be a leader on campus and improve our Longhorn Community! Please make sure to speak with your counselor to discuss how to join these courses.
The mission of AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society. Although students may be recruited from the ninth and tenth grade, students typically enter AVID as freshmen and stay with the program through their senior year. Students are expected to stay enrolled in college preparatory courses and maintain at least a 2.0 GPA throughout high school.
The classroom teacher instructs students using AVID curriculum, focusing on writing, inquiry, and collaboration. Seminars are given in note taking, goal setting, team building, reading improvement, test-taking skills, study and time management skills, personal organization, and SAT/ACT preparation. Students also receive tutorial support in the AVID class, which helps students achieve in all their academic courses and prepares them for college work. In addition, students have the opportunity to visit neighboring universities, hear college and career speakers, and participate in artistic and cultural experiences.
This course is a college prep elective and meets CTE requirements for graduation.
The leadership class is designed to facilitate the Student Government program. The class is intended to provide time for Associated  Student Body (ASB) members to accomplish their goals and duties as representatives of the student body. Students develop their leadership skills in long and short term goal setting, time management/ organization, communication, leadership, school and community service, interpersonal relations, problem solving, team building, and evaluation and reflection.  
This course is a college prep elective. View detailed description in the Course Catalog. Learn more about Leadership at Leigh.
This course is designed to develop student’s publishing skills. The main objective of the class is to produce a record of the school year by using photographs, graphic artwork, and copy as means of creative communication. Students master a desktop publishing software program, Adobe InDesign. This class is responsible for producing the high school Yearbook.
This course is a college prep elective. View detailed description in the Course Catalog. Learn more about Yearbook at Leigh.
AVID Peer Tutoring
This course provides an opportunity for advanced students to work as peer tutors in a variety of courses where extra assistance may be needed for individual or group of students. Peer Tutors learn leadership and teaching skills and provide academic assistance to peers. Peer Tutors are encouraged to think critically and offer constructive feedback to the teacher and peers.
This course is a general elective. View detailed description in the Course Catalog.
Student Assistant
The student assistant program offers a variety of work-based activities to reliable and mature students. The student may serve in the following positions: classroom aide, laboratory assistant, library and office clerk. The course is 2.5 units, and students are given a pass/fail grade only. 
This course is a general elective. View detailed description in the Course Catalog.
Work Experience
Work Experience Education (WEE) is a course open to seniors (or on occasion juniors who are 16 or older) who have a job or wish to pursue an internship while receiving high school credit. WEE introduces students to the aspects, functions, and laws concerning employees in the workplace while focusing heavily on the "soft skills" that ALL workers need to succeed at work and in society.
  • Option 1: Exploratory Work Experience Education (non-paid internships)
  • Option 2: General Work Experience Education (paid emplyment)
Learn more about the Work Experience program. Note: Work Experience gives CTE/Applied Arts credit for CUHSD graduation. 
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