Lee Gallagher

My name is Mitchel Gallagher, but I prefer Lee. I teach PLTW Principles of Engineering and Integrated Math II. 
I received my Masters of Arts in Teaching from Earlham College in Richmond, IN.  Prior to that, I also received a Bachelor of Arts in Physics from Earlham College.  I grew up in Indiana.
I am married to my husband, Michael Gallagher, who works as a special education teacher at Del Mar.  I am big fan of playing board games and can often be found playing some sort of video game.  My husband and I also enjoy reading Marvel's comic books. 
I became a teacher because I greatly enjoy physics and math and I want to inspire my students to do so as well. 
"Information severed from thoughtful action is dead, a mind-crushing load." -John Dewey, Democracy and Education