Mathew Domenichini

I was born deaf and attended a deaf education program through Santa Clara County Office of Education at Oster, Union, & Leigh. Yes, I'm an alumnus of Leigh 2008! I grew up bilingual, English and Sign Language.
My post-secondary education started at Gavilan College for two years, an associate degree. I resumed my education at CSU Northridge for the next 6 years obtaining three degrees and two credentials: bachelor's in Psychology, bachelor's in Deaf Studies, master's in Special Education and Deaf Education, Preliminary Education Specialist Instruction Credential, & Clear Education Specialist Instruction Credential.
Currently in my 5th year teaching deaf students, 1st year at Leigh. I am qualified to teach any subjects and currently teaching:
  1. Deaf Studies
  2. Math
  3. Biology
  4. ASL 2
I also teach ASL class (free) on Wednesdays, 6:30 - 8pm at Oster Elementary School in Deaf/HH building to contribute back to my community and promote my philosophy of sign language for all families with deaf children or members. Related or not, anyone is welcome!
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