About Ms.Ayala

My name is Christina Ayala and I’ve been teaching for over 12 years. I am currently teaching IM2 (Core Connections Integrated Mathematics II).  I received a BA in Mathematics and I completed one year from a Master's program in Computer Science, from Fresno State. Additionally, I am the advisor for the Airplane Club. I’ve had multiple teaching experiences. I’ve taught first grade, middle school, high school, and adults. I’ve also worked in high tech companies like Google, Lockhead Martin, and IBM.
I was born in Mexico and raised in California. My two worlds have always been Silicon Valley and the San Joaquin Valley.
I have many personal interests such as health, gardening, and reading non-fiction books; from psychology, cooking, health books, and money books. just to name a few. Outside of the classroom, you can find me spending quality time with my son. 
I believe there should be a work-life balance. So much so that every once in a while, I will give my students just a moment to breathe and to catch their breaths. I started working very young so, I understand the challenges of having time to do school work.
I became a teacher, because I love kids.  I loved playing with other kids out in the country. Even when I was a teen. I was either chasing or being chased through the vineyards by kids my age or younger children.  The best was hiding in plain sight and they couldn’t even find me. Or walking down to the river, to dig for clams and watching my dog swim freely.