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You may access club meeting times, dates, and general information regarding a particular club by clicking on the club name to the right. For all other overall club information, including club senate information, financial documents, directions for starting a new club or renewing a club, etc., please visit our Activities Canvas Clubs at Leigh page.
Club officers and advisors, for ease of reference, you can also access the main documents (Fundraiser Request, PO, and Check Request) here: 
If you want to see a list of when clubs meet, broken down by day and including Zoom IDs, you may CLICK HERE.
Famleigh and Community
Leigh has a strong and vibrant club culture. Each year, we fluctuate between 60-70 different clubs. There is likely a club for your student to engage with. If your student doesn't see a club of interest, they can start one! Information for how to start a new club can be found on our internal student activities page on Canvas. 
If you have a particular set of skills and/or experience that you would like to share with a club, our clubs are always looking for guest speakers! Please email Anthoney Roe, our Activities Director, at
Want to stay up to date with the amazing work our clubs are doing? Please add us on IG @famleigh and on Facebook @leighhighschool
Finally, if you would like to donate to a particular club to support their numerous efforts, you may do so by visiting our webstore here. 





LEIGH High Club Intro Video with Closed Captioning

Semester 2 2021

American Sign Language-ASL (CC+):

Basic Self-Defense (CC+):

BioMedical Engineering Society (CC+):

Black and Brown Youth Society (CC+):

Bring Change to Mind (CC+):

Calisthenics (CC):

Chamber Orchestra (CC):

Chem Club (CC):

Chess Club (CC):

Chinese Club (CC):

Christian Club (CC):

Connecting with the Classics (CC):

Cryptology (CC):


Dungeons and Dragons (CC):

Eleight-Student Newspaper (CC):

Embrace Relief (CC+):

Environmental Club (CC):

Fantasy Sports CLub (CC):

Film Club (CC):

Finance Club (CC):

French Club (CC):

Future Medical Professionals Club (CC):

Give a gram (CC+):


Hands for Paws (CC):

He for she (CC+):

Innovative designers of Tomorrow-IDOT (CC):

Key Club (CC):

Lean On Us (CC):

Leigh Chamber Orchestra (x):

Leigh’s dance Club (CC):

Hidden History (CC):  Example Club Meeting-Black History Month 

Mock Trial (CC):

Movie Impact Club (CC):

National Art Honors Society (CC):

Passion AI (CC):

Photography Club (CC):

Physics Olympiad (CC):

Science Bowl (CC+):

Strength and Training (CC):

Students Against Destructive Decisions-SADD (CC)-

Team HBV (CC):

TedxLeighHS (CC+):

Theater Club (CC):

Toys for Shelter Animals (CC+):

TriM (CC):

Video Game Club (CC):

WebDev (CC+):


World Scholars Cup (CC):

Current Club List: 

Club Name




Yomn Hammad

Ms. Lyon

Anime (Links to an external site.)

Skylar Baseman

Ms. Moradhaseli

Art Club (Links to an external site.)

Anjali Mandapuram & Galit Bolotin

Ms. Cush

ASL (Links to an external site.)

Noelle Villanueva

Mr. Domenichini

Best Buddies (Links to an external site.)

Julie Schiefer, Carolyn Kilik, Isac Trollsas

Mrs. Duffy

Basic Self Defense

Teela Hamner

Ms. Beard

Birding Club

Rachel Chen

Ms. Lynn

Black and Brown Youth Society (BBYS) (Links to an external site.)

Daniela Murillo, Yanithza Estrada, & Catherine Aleman

Ms. Dhanani

Biology Olympiad (Links to an external site.)

Diana Poplacenel

Mr. Adams

Bring Change to Mind (Links to an external site.)

(BC2M) (Links to an external site.)

Sophia Blair

MS. Smiley

Calisthenics (Links to an external site.)

Rameez Malik

Ms. Andrade

CampEverytown (Links to an external site.)

Danika Vadnais

Mr. Castillo

Chem Club (Links to an external site.)

Christian Kim

Ms. Diordieva

Chess Club

David Sun

Mr. Morrill

Chinese Club (Links to an external site.)

Joshua Li

Ms. Yu

Christian Club (Links to an external site.)

Sara Cawein, Kiya Kling & Jason C.

Ms. Wassell

Coding (Links to an external site.)



Community Companions (Links to an external site.)

Sara Ghorbani

Ms. Moradhaseli

Computing Olympiad

Sasmit Argawal

Mr. Bethune

Connecting with the Classics

Lynn Chang

Ms. Leah-Martin

Cryptography (Links to an external site.)

Ananya Bahugudumbi

Ms. Duong

CSF (Links to an external site.)

Claire Jin

Mr. Bethune

Debate (Links to an external site.)

Aryan Mathur

Ms. Viswanathan

Dungeons and Dragons (Links to an external site.)

Benjamin Lua

Mr. Gallagher

Eleight (Links to an external site.)

Natalie Bachman

Ms. Rossi

Embrace Relief (Links to an external site.)

Aysel Ogul

Ms. Wassel

Enviromental (Links to an external site.)

Juliette Pham & Sophie Goricanec

Ms. Resnick

Fantasy Sports Club (Links to an external site.)

Finn Lowenberg & Teela Hamner

Ms. Griffin

FCSN Club (Links to an external site.)

James Ding


Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) (Links to an external site.)

Bryant Viskovich

Ms. Wassel

French Club (Links to an external site.)

Lana Mahbouba & Isabelle Chuduong

Ms. Duong

From Hands to Paws (Links to an external site.)

Sabina Sheynkman & Gabriela Cooper

Ms. Griffin

Film Club (Links to an external site.)

Machaira Christopher

Ms. Dougherty

Future Medical Professionals (Links to an external site.)

Emma Varnell & Molly Ryder


Game Club (Links to an external site.)

Katie Thompson

Mr. Posey

Garden Club

Tallulah Hogan

Ms. Anderson

Give a Gram (Links to an external site.)

Natalie McCaroll


Girls Who Code (Links to an external site.)

Liza George

Ms. Bui-le

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) (Links to an external site.)

Vivian Berry & Milo Sandavol

Ms. Lynn

Heavenly Helpers (Links to an external site.)

Lana Mahbouba

Mr. Adams

He for She (Links to an external site.)

Faith Han

Ms. Rossi

Help for Her (Links to an external site.)

Emma Nguyen

Ms. Rocheleau

Hidden History

Adrien Villanueva


Hope For Homes (Links to an external site.)

Lana Mahbouba & Annika Berg

Mr. Von Rassler

IDOT (Links to an external site.)

Ellen Wu

Mr. Roe

Infinity Club (Links to an external site.)

Tia Hegde, Dessy Bonev, & Jashan Keith

Ms. Jackson

Jew Club

Ester Alper


Key Club (Links to an external site.)

Lana Mahbouba

Ms. Vidmar

Lean On Us (Links to an external site.)

Saara Kharal

Ms. Tanner

Leigh BMES (Links to an external site.)

Selin Kocalar

Ms. Prouty

Leigh Chamber Orchestra (Links to an external site.)

Fiona Sun & Julianne Park


Leos Club

Liza George

Ms. McQueen, Mr. Van Benthuysen


Mizuki Kimura

Mr. Mattos


Milo Sandoval

Ms. Resnick

Math Club

Sudhir Vasudevan

Ms. Viswanathan

Mock Trial

Mia Lang & Nathan Truong

Mr. Roe

Movie Impact

Hwan Cho

Mr. Perry

Model United Nations (MUN)

Saara Kharal


National Art Honors Society (NAHS)

Liza George, Dinhe Calamateos-Abaca & Florence Zhang

Ms. Bartel

National Honors Society (NHS)

Liza George, Julianne Park, Lana Mahbouba, Noelle Villanueva, Alexandra Guo, & Hope Min

Ms. Diordieva

Photography Club

Juliana Legault

Ms. Cush

Physics Olympiad

Sudhir Vasudevan, Justin Liu, & Katherine Liu

Ms. Lyon

Red Cross Club

Destine Tran

Ms. Lyon

Robotics Club

Liza George

Ms. Moradhaseli


Smita Ektare

Ms. Izor


Claire Jin & Katherine Liu

Ms. Diordieva

Science Bowl

Seungmo Lee

Ms. Lyon

Science Olympiad

Ethan Tran, James Ryu, Michael Berman, Liza George & Joshua Burpee

Ms. Stephenson, Ms. Lynn

Sisters and Misters of Society (SOS)

Isaac Trollsas, Carolyn Kilik, & Julie Schiefer

Ms. Duffy

Strength and Fitness

Kai Cho

Mr. Padia

Step It Up Business

Parker Lamour

Mr. Wolf

Dungeons and Dragons

Benjamin Lua

Mr. Gallagher

Team HBV (Links to an external site.)

Faith Han

Mr. Adams


Sydney Durand

Mr. Roe

Toys for Shelter Animals

Maddy Hoekstra


Theater Club

Dale Tanner

Mr. Yani


Rebecca Jaworski


Video Game

Orion Neal

Ms. Lyon


Lucas Ceurty



(We are Inspired by STEM)

Ananya Bahugudumbi

Ms. Beard

World Scholar’s Cup (Links to an external site.)

Leo Weng & Dhwani Maroo

Mr. Roe