About Mr. Bethune

I have been a Leigh Longhorn since 1992!  I graduated from Leigh in 1994, earned my bachelor's and master's degrees from UCSC, and have taught math here at Leigh for the last 22 years.  
I've enjoyed working with students in pre-algebra through 2nd-year calculus classes.  I oversaw an afterschool "algebra recovery program" 2012 - 2014, helping around 250 Algebra 1 students review concepts that they struggled with in order to better prepare them for subsequent math classes.  For the last 9 years, I've been helping precalculus and calculus students reach and excel in the most rigorous math class offered at Leigh (BC calculus).  
From 2005 - 2017, I helped coach the Leigh swim/dive teams (along with Leigh art teacher / diving coach Kim Bartel), during which time the boys' and girls' teams grew from a combined total of 45 swimmers in 2005 to 120 swimmers and 20 divers in 2017.   
Finally, I'm the oldest of five, I have two beautiful baby girls, a wonderful nephew, and four amazing nieces, and I enjoy playing piano and guitar, karaoke, swimming, and cycling.