Caitlin Davlantis

I am the health clerk here at Leigh I have been here for a little over seven years. I was the switchboard operator for the first two years and I am going into my fifth year as health clerk.
Prior to my job at Leigh, I was at a pet hospital for ten years. In that time I also went to school at night for cosmetology. Once I graduated I worked both at the pet hospital as well as an intern as a hair stylist. After I got married in 2012 I decided to go down a different career path that is when I got into education.
I have two children, a daughter who is 5 and a son who is 1.
We live in Hollister and I commute in every day, but I couldn't imagine working anywhere else--Leigh is my home; myself, my husband, his siblings, and his father all went to Leigh!
Most of the time on the weekends we are spending time with our kids and taking care of household things. We love going to the beach and spending the day in Capitola.