Luciana Rossi

My name is Luciana Rossi and I have been teaching at Leigh since 1999.  I teach English 1 and English 2/2H. I am the also the advisor for The Eleight – Leigh's student run newspaper.
I received my BA from UC Berkeley with a double major in English (19th Century British Literature) and Political Science.  I obtained my teaching credential from San Jose State University.  
I was born in Romania and moved to the United States as a freshman in high school (Mt. Eden High School in Hayward).  I learned English as a second language, but my love of reading and writing led me onto a career in education, even though I had to pursue it through the somewhat arduous path of a second language.
Outside of the classroom, I like hiking, skiing and going to my cabin in the Sierras with my family.  I love my summer vacations as much as my students do because I can travel and read to my heart's content. Teaching is the one profession that allows me to be a kid and adult at the same time.
The best part about being a teacher is igniting the fire that leads students to learn for themselves because I believe the object of education is to prepare young people to educate themselves throughout their life.  We all have the opportunity to access information, but teachers have the unique position to inspire a love of learning which is what survives even when what has been learned has been forgotten.