Michele Kennedy

Hi my name is Michele Kennedy.  I have been teaching at Leigh since 2002.  I also taught for 5 years in Southern California at Bishop Amat High School.  I have taught many different Math courses here at Leigh over my 17 years. I currently am teaching AP Calculus AB and IM 2 Inclusion.  I also coached the Girls Varsity Soccer Team from 2002 - 2014. With 2 years off to start an after school recovery program for Algebra 1 students.

I earned my degree in Math from the University of San Diego.  I received my teaching credential from Mount Saint Mary’s College in Los Angeles.  I also played 4 years of soccer at the University of San Diego. I coached a Girls Club Soccer team for 5 year in LA before I moved up North to start teaching at Leigh High School.

I am very passionate about teaching Math and soccer.  I played soccer until I was 40 when I blew out my knee and had to stop.  I loved coaching because it’s a great sport and it was so rewarding to work with kids outside of the classroom.  I am married and have a 2 year old son. On the weekends will find me at the park playing with my son or you might find us at a baseball game.  On our bucket list is to visit all the baseball stadiums. My wife and I have been to 20 different baseball stadiums.

I truly love teaching and being at Leigh has been amazing.  We are fortunate to work with such great kids and the community is very supportive. I believe all kids can learn, they just need to believe and be willing to do the work.