I started teaching at Leigh in 2012. I obtained my bachelor of science in Earth Sciences from UC Santa Cruz in 2002. I then attended graduate school in Monterey, CA at Chapman University in which I earned my teaching credential in geosciences and a Masters of Education specializing in Curriculum and Instruction in 2010. I later earned my teaching credential in Biology in 2014. In the summer of 2018, I completed a fellowship at Stanford University. I worked in the Fendorf Soil Biochemistry Lab and was able to complete my own project on testing the hypothesis that anaerobic conditions in soils, result in low-energy regimes that inhibit microbial respiration and thus cycle soil carbon into the atmosphere. In addition, I was able to create a lab on microbes in soil that we implement in our biology classes each year.
I currently teach Biology (The Living Earth) at Leigh. In the past, I taught Earth Science and AVID. I am also the advisor for the Environmental Club. 
Outside of work I enjoy watching movies, collecting rocks to add to my already extensive collection, going to the beach (Carmel is my favorite), taking long drives in my husband's Porsche, baking yummy treats in my kitchen and spending time with family and friends.
Fun Facts about me:
I LOVE music and usually always have something playing in my classroom.
I used to be a salsa dance instructor
I make the best banana bread EVER!