Vidya Viswanathan

I started my teaching career at Leigh in January 2018. Prior to that, I did some teaching in East Side Union High School District. I currently teach Integrated Math 2. Have taught Integrated Math 1 and Integrated Math 3 in the past.
I was born and raised in India. I earned my Bachelor's in Science from Bangalore University(India) and Master's in Computer Applications from Pondicherry University (India). I worked as a Software Engineer (10 years) in my first career.
I used to tutor, during my undergrad days. I got back to some volunteer tutoring, teaching Math for high school kids and realized that I really enjoyed teaching. I went back to school, earned my Teacher Credential from San Jose State University and started my teaching career.
Outside of school, I enjoy reading, long walks and the outdoors. I enjoy traveling to the various National Parks.(have a long list of parks to visit :-)