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Four students working in a group
Teachers in Pac-Man costumes
Leigh's Senior class in their spirit color green
Leigh's baseball team
Leigh's Sophomore's dressed in their spirit color yellow
Leigh's football and cheerleading teams
Leigh's Fall Musical, As You Like It
Leigh's Freshman in their spirit color White for Homecoming
Leigh's Engineering class building robots
Leigh's band performing in the Quad
Leigh's mascot using a computer in the Library
Leigh's Girls soccer team
photos of leigh high school students

Leigh High School Activities and Extracurriculars

CONGRATULATIONS to those students who were offered a spot in next year's Leighdership class. The interview process is competitive and thorough. We appreciate all those who took the time to apply and interview. If we were not able to offer you a seat in next year's class, we highly encourage you to stay positive and apply again next year! 
Welcome to Leigh High School's ASB and Leighdership! Along with the athletics department, ASB and Leighdership plan and oversee many of Leigh High School's activities, and extra-curricular opportunities. The ultimate goal of ASB and Leighdership is to foster an inclusive environment, where all students feel safe and valued, so they can contribute to building and sustaining a strong culture at Leigh High.
Not sure if your question falls under the activity umbrella? Here is a list of areas we directly support (for any questions or concerns, you may email Anthoney Roe, our Activities Director, at aroe@cuhsd.org): 
-Dances                              -Challenge Day                        -Cultural Celebrations/Events
-Rallies                               -Student Store                          -Sideline Cheer
-Clubs                                 -Prom                                       -Grant a Wish
-Student Pictures/IDs         -Lunchtime Programming         -Announcements/School-Wide Advertising 
Leadership 2019-2020 
Our leadership class consists of various commissions that work together to create the most welcoming and inclusive campus as possible. Listed on the right are a few videos of what we do and why: 


Freshman Class 2020-21

Siyona Agarwal

Anchal Bhardwaj

Carina Castellino

Amelie Desai

Christopher Herrera

Reina Hong

Zeyneb Kaya

Halina Khodayari

Emily Kim

Nolan Lee

Julia Meltzer

Karly Page

Srishti Venkatesan

Leighdership 2020-2021 Roster

Evelin Arellano

Landon Battin

Annika Berg

Ishika Bhatia

Dessy Bonev

Emi Darwin

Jocelyn Davis

Kiley Doblar

Sydney Durand

Scarlett Edwardes

Ella Frank 

Alexis Freeman

Marissa Freeman

Sara Ghorbani

Cami Glanville

Elizabeth Grist 

Rona Gotlieb

James Jacobs

Jocelyn Jimenez

Claire Jin

Mia Jin

Cassie Kwan

Annika Le

Miles Lu

David Maguire

Lana Mahbouba

Jasmine Mann

Alex Martinez

Isabel Morimoto

Zach Norcia

Logan Nunes

Delaney Nunes

Soraya Rios-Schuerer

Shreya Sonone

Jack Robertson

Josephine Ryu

Anika Savla

Julie Schiefer

Avi Singh

Destine Tran

Railey vandenBerg

Emma Varnell

Sudhir Vasudevan

Maks Velikanovs

Adrien Villanueva

Aashvi Wason

Claire Watson

Olivia Watson

Leo Weng

Rachel Woo

*This list is subject to final enrollment confirmation.