This is my eighteenth year teaching at Leigh High School, and I have taught every grade level, including AP Literature and AP Language. Currently, I am teaching English 2 Honors and English 4. Before teaching at Leigh I was manager of The Writing Center at SJSU where I helped new college students hone their writing skills. 
When I started college, my major was Zoology; however, I must confess, every dissected animal looked the same on the inside, and I could never distinguish one artery from another, so, after a year of getting A's on all my research essays but C's on my practical exams, I switched to my second passion, which is Literature, and never looked back except that I still watch a lot of Nature on PBS.
I have one son who has a PhD in Behavioral Economics and works for Facebook in Seattle. Our entire family is obsessed with traveling, especially in Germany where my husband's relatives live and where my son got married last year. At the moment I am honing my French and German with Duolingo and have also started learning Portuguese and Spanish.