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Schedules were released through the Aeries Parent Portal on Friday, August 11th. Please note, for schedules to be released electronically you must have completed the following:
Your access to the Aeries Parent Portal was provided to you in an email from CUHSD on July 31st, 2023. This provides step by step instructions on how to complete the Annual Data Confirmation/Emergency Card Update. 
    • If you need any assistance with the verification process, you can stop by the Leigh front office Monday-Friday from 8 am to 3 pm.
    • Parents/guardians of returning students: If you logged in to the Aeries Parent Portal before and remember your password, please use the same email address and password. If you forgot your password, click on “Forgot Password?” to reset your password using the email address and student permanent ID listed below.
If your student has any course correction requests, they can use the Waitlist Course Correction Request Form starting August 11th (after schedules are released) to log their concern and/or request.  
    • This form is only accessible for students using their account.
    • Please note that priority will be given for graduation requirement issues.  
*** Please note: Your teachers may change, periods may change, and other classes may be affected due to implementing your request. Counselors and/or admin will not be able to change your classes back once the changes have been made. Changes are final.
Click on the clock icon at the top of the website to view the Bell Schedule.The bell schedule specifies the times for the beginnings and ends of the school day, classes, and breaks.
Be;; Schedule icon
Click on the calendar icon at the top of the website to view the school calendars:
calendar icon
Note: To subscribe to the online A/B Calendar (which includes Collaboration, Minimum days, and holidays) so that it is connected to your personal calendar:
  1. Click on this link to view the online A/B Calendar:
  2. Click on "Subscribe"
Teachers will let students know what they need to bring for class once school starts. The most important supplies are their Chromebook and charging cord.
Students are expected to bring their Chromebooks and chargers to school everyday. Your personal device cannot connect to the district network which renders it unusable. If you have not picked up your device, come by the Library tomorrow morning before school and see Mr Smith.
Please consider dropping your student off a block or two from Leigh to avoid the traffic. It is heaviest ten minutes before and after school, so the other option to avoid traffic is to get here earlier and pick up a little later. Please be sure you are aware of the areas for drop off and that your student(s) are ready to exit the car immediately to keep the flow of traffic moving. Please go to the Drop Off and Parking webpage to learn about student parking as well as procedures and options for drop off and pick up.
If you need a parking permit please see Ms. Ramirez in the Main Office before school, during lunch, during an off period, or after school.  The permits are free, but you must have one if you plan on parking your car in the student parking lot. You need a parking permit for each car you drive to school, and you cannot share the permits either. 
We have three large bike cages located near the back of the campus. Students must walk their bikes at all times while on campus. The cages are not locked so it is critical that student lock their bikes.
Drinking fountains and water bottle filling stations are available at all time. Encourage your student to bring a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated.
If a student needs a locker, they can fill out this google form or use the QR code below to request a locker. An email with the Locker number and combination will be sent to them within 48 Hrs from submission. If you have any questions regarding lockers, please contact Ms. Mora [email protected] or go to the main office. 
Request locker
Breakfast and lunch are free to all students. Chefs plan and prepare 15 menu selections per day. View online menu (Be sure to select Leigh High School).
Student ID card is required to receive a meal. Meal applications are encouraged but not required to receive free breakfast and lunch. A prepayment account is required for purchasing a second or adult meal. Adult/Faculty and second meal are: Breakfast $3.00, Lunch $5.00. Cash and checks will not be accepted at school or in the lunch line.

Students can get paid to work during breakfast and lunch. Learn more about job opportunities for students and adults. 

Go to the LEIGH WEBSTORE to order the items below. 


PE Clothes – Once ordered, PE clothes will be picked up by the student in their PE classes. 
Athletic Season Pass – These passes get four family members into all home athletic games
ASB packages – Deadline to purchase is 9/1/2023. Order online in the webstore or purchase in-person, at the student store, with a check made out to Leigh High School.
  • The LeighRoy ASB Package is $150 and includes:
    • Free ticket to Back to School Dance
    • Free entry to all sporting events for student only (excluding CCS events)
    • Free Yearbook
    • Free Class Tshirt
    • Free Rivalry Tshirt
    • Discount on all dances (excluding Prom)
  • The Longhorn ASB Package is $200 and includes
    • Everything in the LeighRoy ASB Package above PLUS
    • Free Pink Tshirt for "Pink" games
    • Free grey crewneck sweatshirt
Book an appointment for senior photos through Now and Forever. Have your photo taken with Now & Forever before Jan 12, 2024 to ensure your photo appears in the yearbook. Booking the Classic Session fulfills your yearbook needs before the deadline (separate appointments can be booked all year round). Now & Forever provide you with the Yearbook Attire at the studio (i.e. Cap and Gown, Tuxedo, and or Drape). 
senior photo
Attention all Fall athletes!  Check out our Athletics page for more information on Fall Tryouts and the health screening requirement for all 9th and 11th grade student athletes. 
All Athletes: Purchase a Leigh Gate Pass on the Athletics page 

If your student took an approved course over the summer (i.e. math or LOTE courses only), please have the school and/or program send the official transcript directly to your student’s School Counselor. Please note the counselor alpha breakdown has changed.

Last Names A- Dd

Ashley Potischman [email protected]

Last Names De - H

Jennifer Buonomo [email protected]

Last Names I - Mh

Teri Deel [email protected]

Last Names Mi - Sa

Kristina Fernandez [email protected]

Last Names Sb- Z

Felah Murray [email protected]

For more information: Leigh High School Counselor Webpage



The Student & Parent Handbook contains a wealth of information, providing both students and parents with the information and resources necessary for a successful school year. 
We invite all parents and guardians to be a part of the several parent/guardian groups and organizations at Leigh. It takes a Village - this is your Village!
Leigh has four booster organizations that operate independently. Our Home & School Club supports the academic and social/emotional needs of all Leigh students. Our Sports Booster, Spirit Booster and Performing Arts Parent Association support our extra-curricular programs. Watch a brief video to learn more about our boosters. There are many volunteer opportunities available in all our booster organizations. Volunteering is a wonderful way to meet other families and to support our school!
Our English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) is a group of parents and staff who help identify needed supports for English Learner success. Our School Site Council is a group of parents, students and teachers who work together to develop and monitor the school’s improvement plan.
View the Attendance webpage for information. Click on the phone icon at the top of the website for quick access to this page. 
attendance link
Tutorial is a 35-minute period that is part of the instructional day; students are required to sign into tutorial by scanning their Student ID card. During tutorial, students are to attend one of their current classes for support. Students must treat tutorial with the same respect as class time, including respecting all school/classroom rules and staying on task. All students are required to attend tutorial.
The purpose of tutorial is for students to receive help from teachers or peer tutors, get makeup work after or before an absence, utilize the College and Career Center, see case managers, and work on schoolwork. Some examples of schoolwork include homework, studying, reviewing, reading, collaborative work, quiz/test retakes, and make-up work.
Students with a D or F in any class will be held to the tutorial schedule below for intervention, and to get extra help in the class(es) with low grades. Students will be tracked by Counselors and/or Administrators to ensure they are attending. Assignment to these tutorials will be based on the grades at the end of each 6 week grading period.
Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
English Math Science Social Science World Language
Leigh’s Tutorial Norms:
  1. Attend a current teacher’s tutorial every day.
    • Except in special cases, students must stay in one teacher’s tutorial for the entire time. Use the restroom during passing periods.
    • If passing between classes, use the Leigh Tutorial Pass.
    • The teacher’s classroom rules and expectations apply to tutorial.
  2. Always be on time and sign in.
  3. Maintain a learning environment that allows all students to work productively.
  4. Work on school-related tasks.
    • Electronics are allowed with teacher permission only.

Please note that the Library is closed during tutorial and no passes will be issued or accepted.
Students in violation of Tutorial Norms are subject to consequences at the discretion of the teacher and/or Assistant Principal without prior warning. 
It is critical to student learning and the classroom and campus environments that students be in class on time. Therefore, students are expected to be in class prior to the tardy bell. After two tardies, students may be assigned detention or tardy recovery, and placed on the school restriction list. For chronic tardiness, students may be assigned additional detentions and/or Friday school, and may need to meet with the Assistant Principal to discuss any barriers to being on time. Assistant Principals strive to support students being on time and to assist them with any barriers where appropriate. We ask that parents/guardians support this expectation at home.
Please note:
  • Students with detention and/or Friday School are placed on a Restriction List until the detention(s) are served. Students on this list are restricted from attending school events, including - but not limited to - school dances. Students who continue to earn detention due to tardiness may be subject to other disciplinary action.
  • Afternoon SVCTE students must serve their detention(s) in the morning before school, by arrangement with an Assistant Principal.
View the Staff Directory to see contact info for all staff members at Leigh. To access the Staff Directory quickly on the website, click on the people icon at the very top of the website:
staff directory icon
To ensure that classroom or academic concerns are addressed effectively, students and parents should start by contacting the teacher. If the teacher does not resolve the concern, then proceed with the next person on this list:
  1. Teacher
  2. Assistant Principal or Counselor
  3. Principal
Other questions...
To Find Out About: Contact: Location:
Advanced Placement Assistant Principal Main Office
Alternative School Options Counselors Main Office
ASB/ID Cards Activities Director Activities Office
Athletic Team Tryouts Athletic Director Athletic Director Office
Attendance Attendance Clerk Main Office
Change of Address Assistant Principal Main Office
Checking out of school Attendance Clerk Main Office
College Admissions Counselors Main Office
Dance Guest Passes
Activities Director Activities Office
Graduation Requirements Counselors Main Office
Discipline Assistant Principal Main Office
Health Services Health Clerk Main Office
Home & Hospital Instruction Assistant Principal Main Office
New Student Enrollment Assistant Principal Main Office
Reduced/free lunch program Health Clerk Main Office
Request for homework Counselors Main Office
Schedule adjustments Counselors Main Office
CASSY Counselor Any Staff Main Office
Testing (CAASPP, PSAT) Assistant Principals Main Office
Transcripts Registrar Main Office
SVCTE Felah Murray Main Office
Work Permit Ms Agustin Main Office
Textbooks Ms Grim Library
Chromebooks Mr Smith Library



Parent Portals - Communication at Leigh

Aeries is the holder of permanent records (report cards, attendance etc). Canvas has student assignments and grades. ParentSquare is for school communication. Naviance is for college & career information. Learn more about each parent portal or click on button below to login.



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Annual Data Confirmation
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Donate to Annual Giving Drive
Heart Screenings (9th & 11th grades)
Heart Screenings (9th/11th grades)
Purchase PE Gear
Purchase PE Gear
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Register to try out for Fall Sports
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Schedule Senior Photo
Waitlist/Course Correction Request
Waitlist/Course Correction Request
Purchase ASB Package
Purchase ASB Package (yearbook, class T-shirt, free admission/discounts to dances, free admission to games)