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Parent Portals - Communication at Leigh

Leigh uses different online tools for school communication and to store your student's data/information.
  • Aeries is the holder of permanent records such as attendance, transcripts, demographic data, test scores, and more. At the 6-wk, 12-wk and Semester mark, these grades can be found in Aeries.
  • Canvas is the instructional tool that Leigh is using to disseminate curriculum and instruction to students. It is also where our students are submitting assignments and receiving updates to graded assignments. 
  • ParentSquare is for email communication from the school.
  • Naviance is for college & career information.
Learn how to install and use each parent portal (including a Parent QuickQuide for Canvas). This link can be found by clicking on the Parents tab at the top of the website and then clicking on Parent Portals in the dropdown. You can click on the buttons below to login to each tool directly.

Staff Directory

View the Staff Directory to see contact info for all staff members at Leigh. To access the Staff Directory quickly on the website, click on the people icon at the very top of the website:
staff directory icon

If a student has a classroom or academic question/concern... 

Concern in classroom


If a student has an issue with another student... 

Issue with another student

Other questions...

To Find Out About: Contact: Location:
Advanced Placement Assistant Principal Main Office
Alternative School Options Counselors Main Office
ASB/ID Cards Activities Director Activities Office
Athletic Team Tryouts Athletic Director Athletic Director Office
Attendance Attendance Clerk Main Office
Change of Address Assistant Principal Main Office
Checking out of school Attendance Clerk Main Office
College Admissions Counselors Main Office
Dance Guest Passes
Activities Director Activities Office
Graduation Requirements Counselors Main Office
Discipline Assistant Principal Main Office
Health Services Health Clerk Main Office
Home & Hospital Instruction Assistant Principal Main Office
New Student Enrollment Assistant Principal Main Office
Reduced/free lunch program Health Clerk Main Office
Request for homework Counselors Main Office
Schedule adjustments Counselors Main Office
CASSY Counselor Any Staff Main Office
Testing (CAASPP, PSAT) Assistant Principals Main Office
Transcripts Registrar Main Office
SVCTE Ashley Potischman Main Office
Work Permit Ms Agustin Main Office
Textbooks Ms Grim Library
Chromebooks Mr Smith Library
Click on the calendar icon at the top of the website to see all the calendars and schedules and learn more about each: The Athletics, CCC, and ASB calendars will be uploaded shortly. 
The A/B/Collaboration/Minimum day calendar can be found on the Events page: This includes all A/B, Collaboration, and Minimum days, as well as holidays. The bell schedule is included for Collab and Min days. To subscribe to the A/B Calendar so that it is connected to your personal calendar:
  1. Select the "A/B/Collaboration/Minimum Days" calendar
  2. Unselect the "Events Calendar"
  3. Click on "Subscribe"
AB Calendar
Please go to the Drop Off and Parking webpage to learn about student parking as well as prodedures and options for drop off and pick up.
Breakfast and lunch are free to all students. Chefs plan and prepare 15 menu selections per day. View online menu (BE SURE TO SELECT LEIGH HIGH SCHOOL).
Student ID card is required to receive a meal. Cash and checks will not be accepted at school or in the lunch line. A prepayment account is required for purchasing a second or adult meal. Adult/Faculty and second meal are: Breakfast $3.00, Lunch $5.00.

More information about Food Services, including job opportunities for students and adults. 
The Student & Parent Handbook contains a wealth of information, providing both students and parents with the information and resources necessary for a successful school year. 
View recent presentations and webinars including the Meet & Greet with Principal Ianora as well as the New Parent Orientation.
We invite all parents and guardians to be a part of the several parent/guardian groups and organizations at Leigh. It takes a Village - this is your Village!
Leigh has four booster organizations that operate independently. Our Home & School Club supports the academic and social/emotional needs of all Leigh students. Our Sports Booster, Spirit Booster and Performing Arts Parent Association support our extra-curricular programs. Watch a brief video to learn more about our boosters. There are many volunteer opportunities available in all our booster organizations. Volunteering is a wonderful way to meet other families and to support our school!
Our English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) is a group of parents and staff who help identify needed supports for English Learner success. Our School Site Council is a group of parents, students and teachers who work together to develop and monitor the school’s improvement plan.
View the Attendance webpage for information. Click on the phone icon at the top of the website for quick access to this page. 
attendance link
Tutorial is a 30-minute period that is part of the instructional day; students are required to sign into tutorial by scanning their Student ID card. During tutorial, students are to attend one of their current classes for support. Students must treat tutorial with the same respect as class time, including respecting all school/classroom rules and staying on task. All students are required to attend tutorial.

The purpose of tutorial is for students to receive help from teachers or peer tutors, get make-up work after or before an absence, utilize the College and Career Center, and work on schoolwork. Some examples of schoolwork include homework, studying, reviewing, reading, collaborative work, quiz/test retakes, and make-up work.

Students with a D or F in any class after the 6 week grading period will be held to the tutorial schedule below for intervention, and to get extra help in the class(es) with low grades. Students will be tracked by Counselors and/or Administrators to ensure they are attending. Assignment to these tutorials will be based on the grades at the end of each 6 week grading period. 
Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Science Math English Social Science World Language
Leigh’s Tutorial Norms:
  1. Attend a current teacher’s tutorial every day.
    • Except in special cases, students must stay in one teacher’s tutorial for the entire time. Use the restroom during passing periods.
    • If passing between classes, use the Leigh Tutorial Pass.
    • The teacher’s classroom rules and expectations apply to tutorial.
  2. Always be on time and sign in.
  3. Maintain a learning environment that allows all students to work productively.
  4. Work on school-related tasks.
    • Electronics are allowed with teacher permission only.

Please note that the Library is closed during tutorial and no passes will be issued or accepted.
Students in violation of Tutorial Norms are subject to consequences at the discretion of the teacher and/or Assistant Principal without prior warning. 
Mr. Wall, assistant principal responsible for overseeing attendance, shared information on the updated tardy policy on Aug 14. The goal is to reduce tardiness by 50% from last year. The following changes around tardies are now in place: 

  • When a student is marked tardy during a school day, the student and parent/guardian will receive a “tardy notification” email by me after school. This is in an effort to clearly communicate when a tardy has been recorded and provide instructions on how to clear a tardy if it was incorrectly marked. 
  • For every two tardies a student accrues, they will be required to attend a 30 minute tardy recovery (previously known as “detention”) session before or after school. Students will be restricted from participating in school sports, dances, and other after school activities until all tardy recovery hours are completed. 
  • All students with no tardies over an extended period of time will be entered into raffles for front of the line lunch passes, free entry into sports events, free pair of tickets to dances, and more! 

If a student needs a locker, please stop by the Main office starting Monday, August 22.  Ms. Ramirez will provide lockers before school, tutorial, lunch or after school.  
Any questions, come to the Main office.
PE clothes can be purchased on the Leigh webstore. Bring receipt to PE class to pick up uniform. PE clothes can also be purchased in person in the leadership room (72) at anytime during the school year. 
Check out the ASB Activities calendar which is a wealth of information on student happenings!
Have your photo taken with Now & Forever before 12/14 to ensure your photo appears in the yearbook. Booking the Classic Session fulfills your yearbook needs before the deadline (separate appointments can be booked all year round). Now & Forever provide you with the Yearbook Attire at the studio (i.e. Cap and Gown, Tuxedo, and or Drape). Learn more and schedule photo session
Attention all Fall athletes!  Check out our Athletics page for more information on Fall Tryouts and the NEW health screening requirement for all 9th and 11th grade student athletes. 
All Athletes: Purchase Fan Gear (by 8/14) and a Leigh Gate Pass on the Athletics page 
Photo Make up day is October 27th - in the cafeteria before school, during tutorial and during lunch. Pre-Register your student for their photo at This must be completed before they come to campus for their photo.
The most recent guidance is available on the CUHSD website.