See Your Counselor

Counselor Office Hours for Students: 

Student’s are able to meet individually with their counselor by scheduling an appointment using the links next to their counselor’s name. Office hours appointments are for students- parents who would like to meet with their student’s counselor should email the counselor directly. 

Counselor Name/ Student Caseload

Link to Student Office Hrs Appointments

Ashley Potischman - Last names A - Fa

Ms. Potischman’s Office Hrs Appointments

Jennifer Buonomo- Last names Fe - Lo

Ms. Buonomo’s Office Hrs Appointments

Erin Wiley- Last names Lu - Ng

Ms. Wiley’s Office Hrs Appointments

Bari Sholomon- Last names Ni -Th

Ms. Sholomon’s Office Hrs Appointments

Felah Murray- Last names Ti - Z

Ms. Murray's Office Hrs Appointments

Important items to know when scheduling your Office Hours appointment:

  • Students should schedule an appointment with their account.
  • Students must log in to the Zoom meeting with their account, personal accounts will not be allowed into the meetings. 
  • Please make sure to schedule an appointment ahead of time, and log in to Zoom at your appointment time.
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