See Your Counselor

Counselor Office Hours for Students
Student’s are able to meet individually with their counselor by scheduling an appointment using the links next to their counselor’s name. Office hours appointments are for students- parents who would like to meet with their student’s counselor should email the counselor directly. 

Counselor Name/ Student Caseload Link to Student Office Hrs Appointments
Ashley Potischman – Last names A - Fd Ms. Potischman’s Office Hrs Appointments
Jennifer Buonomo – Last names Fe - Lh Ms. Buonomo’s Office Hrs Appointments
Bari Sholomon – Last names Li -Ror Ms. Sholomon’s Office Hrs Appointments
Felah Murray – Last names Ros - Z Ms. Murray's Office Hrs Appointments

Important items to know when scheduling your Office Hours appointment
  • Students should schedule an appointment with their account.
  • Students must log in to the Zoom meeting with their account, personal accounts will not be allowed into the meetings. 
  • Please make sure to schedule an appointment ahead of time, and log in to Zoom at your appointment time.
  • Office Hours