Link to All Sport Team Store:
Adidas and Eastbay have combined all sports into one team store for this abbreviated year of sports.  If you choose to purchase an item, make sure that you pick your sport from the drop down menu.  Also pay attention to the description of the item as they have "Boys Grade School" for one of the shirts.  They will be processing orders every two weeks.  Here is the link to the store:
Links to Live Streams of Varsity & JV Games:
To sign up for a sport please follow the two steps below:
1) You will need to register at for any sports that you are interested in participating in next year.  Please make sure that you are in 2020 - 2021 year when you are registering.  Physical form is located under "General Athletic Information".
2) If you are interested in a specific sport please email the Athletic Director, and he will invite you through TeamSnap to join the sport(s) that you are interested in.  You will then receive updates and announcements through TeamSnap for the teams that you are signed up with.  Updates and announcements can also be found on this website on each team's page. 
Current Football Workouts:
Varsity Football workouts are currently being held on Mondays through Fridays from 4:00 to 6:00 on the Upper Grass Field and in the Stadium.
JV Football workouts are currently being held on Mondays through Fridays from 4:00 to 6:00 on the Upper Grass Field and in the Stadium.
Interested in Ordering a Letterman Jacket:
Neff has updated the Leigh High School Letterman Jacket.  You can click the link below and look at the new Leigh Letterman Jacket.  The basic model starts at $115 and comes in three different color options for the sleeves as well as your choice of either leather or vinyl for the sleeves.  If you wish to add additional items to your Letterman Jacket beyond what the basic cost includes, the cost of your jacket will increase.  If you would like to order a different style of Letterman Jacket please contact the Athletic Department.  Leigh does not receive any money from Letterman Jacket sales, but Neff does keep the costs as low as possible for Leigh students.  If you go anywhere else you could pay twice as much for a Leigh Letterman Jacket. 
                   2020 - 2021 Game Schedule
Thu 3/18 v. Sobrato JV @ 3:00 / Var @ 7:00
Sat 3/27 v. Gilroy JV @ 3:00 / Var @ 7:00
Fri 4/2 @ Westmont JV @ 4:00 / Var @ 7:00
Thu 4/8 v. Pioneer JV @ 3:00 / Var @ 7:00  (Spring Break)
Sat 4/17 @ Branham JV @ 4:00 / Var @ 7:00
Head Coach: Kyle Padia
Asst Coach: Dan Lefeber
Asst Coach: Ben Irick
Asst Coach: Jake Wirt
Asst Coach: Jim Carlton
Asst Coach: Andrew McLennan
Asst Coach: Leonard Morris
Strength Coach: Anthony Thomas
Head JV Coach: Bill Tantillo
Asst Coach: Tom Cotton
Asst Coach: Tom Walters
Asst Coach: Vincent Mawad
Asst Coach: Denny Shrader
Coaches' Contact:
Coaches' contacts: Email the Athletic Director at to be added to TeamSnap for Football.
Football Rosters:
Below is a link to the Varsity Football Roster and Team Page on MaxPreps.
Below is a link to the JV Football Roster and Team Page on MaxPreps.